Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

Finding the right senior living community is important. Beginning the conversation with children or loved ones should be one of your first steps. The transition into an assisted living community from your current home is a major life event.

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Caregiver Bill of Rights

Caregiving is often 24/7. While being in the position of a caregiver it is important to give yourself a break. By giving yourself those breaks you can gain perspective on the situation and it can remind you that there is world beyond as well.

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Self-care Wheel

Self-care is so important, yet it is often forgotten. Engaging in a self-care routine can help create balance in our lives. There are many different forms of self-care. Check out this self-care wheel broken down into numerous categories: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal and professional.

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Quality Senior Living

John Dugan’s mission to create quality senior living in Goddard, KS was inspired by his mother. Unexpectedly, he found himself as one of the first residents. John’s rehab therapy influenced the addition of the Lokomat, a state of art robot assisted treadmill, that rebuilds muscles after a stroke.

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Meaningful Activities

Finding meaningful activities is so important. A chance to learn new things while having plenty of stimulation is key. There are many activities to pick and choose from that best fit your needs and engagement level.  Check out these great options broken down into four categories.

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2021 Senior Living Communities Guide

There are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating what type of Senior Living Community is right for you or your loved one. For example, location, mission and purpose, type of community are just a few. Thankfully there are a lot of options in Wichita and the surrounding area.

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The Forever Home Concept

For some, downsizing (or rightsizing) might mean designing and building a customized “forever” home. Learning how and what it means to create a home designed for long term care is important.

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Pet Companions For Seniors

Bringing a pet into your home and heart provide many physical and emotional perks. Michelle Townsley, DVM Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita shares how pet companions can enhance senior’s daily lives.

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Aging in place and types of services that make that possible

Susan Kiefer, CEO Kiefer Senior Care is a registered nurse and has been doing in home care for about eight years.  Susan joins us in discussing in home care options for you or your loved one. If you’re a family caregiver providing care for a senior you know how important it is to keep them safe in their home so they can stay as long as possible. The benefits of in-home care are phenomenal.

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