Empowered Senior seminars are a great way to help provide seniors and retirees with the tools to help seniors live empowered lives and make informed decisions.

Our seminars and workshops aim to guide and educate older adults about the unique and often complex issues, challenges, and experiences facing retirees, senior citizens and their families.

In addition, we cover everything Senior Lifestyle! Managing homeownership late in life to downsizing and move management; maintaining independence; health and wellness; legal and financial planning– are some of the themes woven into our monthly discussions.

In 2022 we covered the following topics:

  • Holiday Revelations, Stressors & Life-Changing Decisions
  • The Truth About Legacy & Positively Impacting the Next Generation!
  • The Truth about Getting Your Affairs in Order: Bad blood and blended families
  • The Truth About Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Knowledge is Power
  • Navigating the Healthcare Maze – Know your Options!
  • Aging In America: Changing the Narrative
  • The Truth About Retirement Community Living: Get The Inside Scoop!
  • Sunny Days Are Here Again
  • The Truth About Decluttering and Downsizing
  • Essential Reasons To Downsize Now
  • Luck Favors The Bold
  • Matters of the Heart

The Empowered Senior Seminar Series is a popular and valuable resource for many older adults, retirees, and senior citizens in Wichita, KS and the surrounding cities. In addition, our seminars are livestreamed via Zoom Webinar. Further we make our recorded seminars available to watch on our website.  As a result, these options make a great addition to serving seniors all over. These seminars are the heart of our outreach.

We stand to equip and empower mature individuals, couples and families to:

  • Make timely, informed choices
  • ALWAYS prepare for a Plan B
  • Take positive ACTION to improve quality of life.

For a full list of the 2023 Empowered Senior Seminar schedule and to register click here.

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