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The Truth About Love, Intimacy and Shacking Up

As relationships mature and change over time so do our needs for communication, planning, and fulfillment. February’s seminar explored of the complexities that arise in later-life relationships. Whether it be combining lives, introducing a new friend to your family, or finding supportive ways to love your longtime partner.

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Season of Joy

Celebrate the season of joy with us. We have inspiration and laughs to share. Our goal is to help people embrace this joyful season and better yet, extend the season of joy throughout their everyday lives!

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The Truth about Trusts, Wills, Probate and Guardianship

Times have certainly changed regarding the way estates are handled after someone passes away. It’s not as simple as one may think, especially when the wishes of the deceased were never specified in writing. But what documents are necessary and most appropriate? How do these instruments work within the probate process?

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The Nest Egg Talk: The Truth About Spending & Protecting Money!

Everyone seems to worry about money as they get older. (We mean REALLY worry! This universal concern often has less to do with how much wealth one has amassed and more to do with uncertainties about one’s financial affairs. How much money will I need? Will I have enough to leave some behind for others? What if my needs change over time? How do I ensure I don’t outlive my financial resources? These are all common questions explored in this seminar on money and aging.

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Bloom & Embrace Life!

Ooh la la! Keeping life FUN is sometimes easier said than done. Spring is in full bloom & perfect time to discuss: new beginnings, friendships and adventure. If you are looking for inspiration and motivation towards your own goals or simply to enjoy life more! We are featured inspiring speakers and a senior-led Round Robin that delivered 101 ideas to keep daily life vibrant, fulfilling & energizing!

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Safe Driving: Strategies to Stay Behind the Wheel

Having a car and our own set of keys ranks right up there with having air to breathe and fresh water to drink – it’s hard to imagine being without. That said, having a car and a license to drive (at any age) also comes with a great deal of responsibility. At this month’s seminar we talked with healthcare, legal, and local law enforcement experts about the challenges associated with driving as we age, as well as strategies for safely remaining behind the wheel.

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Senior Living Options for People Who “Aren’t Ready Yet”

While most agree that their current home is where their heart is, we must also consider the fact that our hearts (and our stuff) may require new living arrangements to suit our changing lifestyle and healthcare needs over time. When people retired at 65 and then only lived a few more years, staying put made perfect sense. Now, as people living well into their 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s, it’s simply not practical to assume one will live in the same place forever. Learn about the many available options for mature adults including independent, assisted, and life care communities. Better to know it before you need it!

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