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Years aren’t the burden – disease is the burden

Tim Watt, MD, Neurosurgeon joins us as we discuss anti-aging. It’s genetics vs self-sabotage. Everything is the combination between the genes, your environment and lifestyle. Genes aren’t always the culprit or your destiny. A majority of conditions that weigh on people’s minds and bodies is not that straight forward, but you have the ability to make the changes with a healthy lifestyle

Foot Care with Dr. Sanchez

Podiatry and professional foot care and proper shoes are essential in mature years. These services can be the easiest, quickest and most transformational medical treatments you can treat yourself to for good health. Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. David A. Sanchez joins us to talk about the importance of foot care. You have to be good on your feet!

Preparing to Downsize

With 10,000 Baby boomers turning 65 every day and continuing every single day until 2030 the topic of where to live, how and when to get there is a big decision. Downsizing is a hot topic. Dr. Nikki Buckelew, Ph.D. spoke with us about some of the issues behind downsizing and why Seniors have an overwhelming list of things to do. Taking it one step at a time is so important because when the time comes to start wading through a lifetime of memories and a household of belongings it can be very stressful for both Seniors and their family or their caregivers

Creating A Safe Home

Learning about our home’s safety as we age is so important. We loved talking to Designer and Author, Mitzi Beach about so many important things when trying to keep our home safe

How Nordic Pole Walking Helps Seniors

Strength, stability on our feet and our overall level of fitness directly impacts what choices are available to us for where and how we live. Too many have the fear of being unstable, mistepping, tripping and are unsure when moving around. Recently Parkinson’s Connect joined us at our monthly Empowered Seniors Seminar at Botanica to demonstrate and talk about Nordic Pole Walking. It was such a great reminder on how important fitness and moving around is for EVERYONE.

Voices For Seniors: Movement to Stand Out for Senior & Family Rights in Care Settings

Are you upset that loved ones can’t be with family members in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities?

Families have been separated from hospitalized loved ones due to Covid-19 causing devastating consequences. We will discuss a movement that is helping families cope and demanding change.

Advocating for a family member in a care setting is one of life’s most caring acts of love.

Meet three women on a mission working to advocate for Seniors, and their families.

P O W E R F U L !!

Daily Dose: Pandemic PTSD

Realtor & Host, Katherine Ambrose discusses Mental Health issues including PTSD brought on by the Pandemic and related issues with featured expert, Eric Litwiller. Eric is Director Communications for the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas.