Longevity Secrets…Vibrant & Living Well

Sound mind in a sound body (Latin: Mens sana nin corpore sano) is the goal for aging well! Our superstar panel had amazing stories & inspiring insights surrounding secrets to vitality… and living FULLY until our last breath.

September 2023 – Empowered Senior Series

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Guest Speakers

Charlie Moon

Charlie Moon isn’t a PhD, the shiniest nickel in your pocket or the sharpest knife in the drawer. But he has figured out some things that teach people how to do the undoable. He is a speaker, strategist and author of the book “How to Turn Order Takers Into Rainmakers”. And he knows that success in life is how you cope with Plan B.


Cindy Coughenour
Fearless and Female
Women Hiking KS And Beyond

Cindy Coughenour, founder of Fearless and Female.  Cindy founded Fearless and Female as a direct response to the murder of her childhood friend, Julie Ladd.  As a Speaker and Self-Defense Advocate Cindy became certified and trained in many different forms of self-defense: Jane Jitsu, Krav Maga, Rape Escape/Defend University, Model Mugging, Fight Like A Girl and Girls on Guard.  “As young girls, Julie and I knew how to dance, swim and drive a car but we didn’t know how to protect our bodies in a dangerous situation. I now teach women and young girls the lifesaving skills that Julie and I never had the opportunity to learn.”   Cindy Cushing Coughenour

Jeri Brungardt
Women Hiking KS And Beyond

Jeri has lived in Salina since last November after living in Wichita for 37 years. I worked at Wesley Medical Center and retired after working there for 35 year. She is a graduate of Fort Hays State University with a teaching degree in both business education and physical education. I taught school and coached girls’ basketball for one year after college. Jeri has always believed in living a healthy life and have been surrounded by fitness and sport. She I currently hikes, walks, rides her bike, and plays pickleball. Jeri’s love for hiking started about 20 years ago and it has grown each year. She try to hike a few times per month, weather permitting.

Father Tom Welk
Education Director & Chaplain
Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice

Tom Welk is a native of North Dakota. He came to Wichita in the fall of 1970, and joined the staff at Newman University.

At present he is the Director of Professional Education and Pastoral Care. His responsibilities include education regarding dying/death issues, information on hospice care, and coordination of the ethical decision making process regarding treatment questions. He has a doctoral degree in pastoral counseling, with emphasis on end of life issues. His doctoral dissertation concentrated on medical ethics. Tom is a founding member and past president of the board of directors for Kansas Health Ethics, Inc., and serves on several ethics committees in south central Kansas.

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