Senior Finances

Essential Documents To Have

Obtaining the correct legal documents is very important. Having these documents in place helps insure your legal and health interests are protected during all life stages. For seniors, these documents are even more important.

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Planning Your Retirement

Is it true that you need $1 million dollars to retire? Nationally renowned financial gerontologist, Dr. John N. Migliaccio, PhD shares fascinating facts about how far your retirement dollars can go in Wichita and the surrounding areas.

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Leaving A Legacy For Future Generations

Dr. Charles Kissling tells his heart touching story about his search to know more about his family’s life. That quest inspired him to write the book “Lessons From A Life Lived” for his family. His hopes are that his grandchildren remember more of him than he remembers of his grandfather.

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Keeping the Golden Years…Golden

The majority of us have all stressed about finances at some point in our lives. Unexpected costs pop up, monthly bills, etc. Minimizing stress and educating ourselves so we are prepared. Being financially empowered is our goal for our senior years.

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