Keeping the Golden Years…Golden

The majority of us have all stressed about finances at some point in our lives. Unexpected costs pop up, monthly bills, etc. Minimizing stress and educating ourselves so we are prepared. Being financially empowered is our goal for our senior years.

Empowering Seniors – Keeping the Golden Years…Golden

Financially empowering your senior years to capture the power of “retiring risk” is important. From contributing to a retirement portfolio to withdrawing from those funds is called “Flipping the Money Switch.” Preparing for these changes in our lifestyle are part of being financially empowered.

Retirement is supposed to be fun. However, there are a lot of factors that can create challenges. Seniors have the options of many resources and programs. Navigating through them allows seniors to make informed financial decisions. In return this can help improve or maintain financial situations. Meeting your current and ongoing financial obligations while still feeling financially secure for the future is the goal we all want for our “golden years.”

So how do we do that? Kristi Ann Hall from American Seniors Benefits suggests getting references, referral from friends or family, talk to others. In addition, keep up on the new things happening. These are key to helping you feel financially empowered. Zigic

Ron Bangle, from The Resource Group Advisory agrees that it is so important to have a trusted advisor. Someone you can meet face to face that really knows you and will talk with you. Furthermore someone who will help you understand and prepare for the best days ahead. Don’t want to be overly concerned. There are a lot of great resources and advisors out there that can help navigate and help reduce retire risk. Creating a relationship with an advisor or someone you trust will help when trying to understand your financial well-being.  In short, that is key to creating an effective plan when “Flipping the Money Switch.”

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