Leaving A Legacy For Future Generations

Dr. Charles Kissling tells his heart touching story about his search to know more about his family’s life. That quest inspired him to write the book “Lessons From A Life Lived” for his family. His hopes are that his grandchildren remember more of him than he remembers of his grandfather.

Empowering Seniors – Leaving A Legacy For Future Generations

Documenting your history is a rewarding experience that can create a legacy that leaves clues for future generations to discover when they’re ready. Did you know that learning about your family history can actually increase your happiness? It can give you a sense of identity. Learning and knowing about your family traditions and understanding where you came from allows you to see how unique you are. It can also help you connect with others and relationships are so important.

A legacy isn’t just what we leave someone in material items or in money, but how we are impacting people and how we fuel people’s lives. It’s all about relationships and what you experience and to give that part of you as you move on. How I present myself, how am I a role model in getting through life. Debra Trevett, BSN, RN and owner of Toe Truck Inc. share with us some fun ways to impact people on a daily basis.

Create a memory jar. Memory jars don’t have to be thought of as the end of life is coming, we are making memories today. Simply keep some note cards or something you can write on nearby with a jar. When something happens write it down sign it and date it and put it in the jar. Write down some words of wisdom or encouragement. Memory jars are precious and they are easy. Other fun ways to collect or document memories are: A story book that can you can record yourself reading and then send it to your loved one, a talking photo album, or a good old fashion photo album are all simple ways to keep track of your memories.

We lose so much when losing a family member or friend. Writing down or sharing memories in some form can help carry on your legacy. It might be overwhelming to think about writing a whole journal so if that isn’t an option keep it simple with some of the ideas above and help create a legacy for future generations to discover.

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