Leaving A Legacy For Future Generations

Dr. Charles Kissling tells his heart touching story about his search to know more about his family’s life. That quest inspired him to write the book “Lessons From A Life Lived” for his family. His hopes are that his grandchildren remember more of him than he remembers of his grandfather. Documenting your history is a rewarding experience that can create a legacy that leaves clues for future generations to discover when they’re ready.

Keeping the Golden Years…Golden

The majority of us have all stressed about finances at some point in our lives. We have all had the unexpected costs pop up, monthly bills, etc. As we get older and look forward to retirement, we want to be financially empowered for our senior years. We want to minimize the stress and educate ourselves to be prepared.

Seniors Setting Goals for their Future

We have a challenge for you today. Think about one thing you can do that will make something in your life easier. Then make a promise to yourself, a loved one or your community that will make a difference this year. Setting these goals and working to achieve them will give you a winning mindset.

Spectrum of Senior Living Options

Katherine takes you on a diverse tour of living options from apartments at Parklane Towers to Assisted Living and Memory Care at Rosewood Cottage. In addition, we’ll meet Rana Zayed who introduces the Home Plus concept unique to Kansas, a residence/facility caring for not more than 12 people who need care to help with limitation in activities of daily living.

Years aren’t the burden – disease is the burden

Tim Watt, MD, Neurosurgeon joins us as we discuss anti-aging. It’s genetics vs self-sabotage. Everything is the combination between the genes, your environment and lifestyle. Genes aren’t always the culprit or your destiny. A majority of conditions that weigh on people’s minds and bodies is not that straight forward, but you have the ability to make the changes with a healthy lifestyle

Foot Care with Dr. Sanchez

Podiatry and professional foot care and proper shoes are essential in mature years. These services can be the easiest, quickest and most transformational medical treatments you can treat yourself to for good health. Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. David A. Sanchez joins us to talk about the importance of foot care. You have to be good on your feet!

Preparing to Downsize

With 10,000 Baby boomers turning 65 every day and continuing every single day until 2030 the topic of where to live, how and when to get there is a big decision. Downsizing is a hot topic. Dr. Nikki Buckelew, Ph.D. spoke with us about some of the issues behind downsizing and why Seniors have an overwhelming list of things to do. Taking it one step at a time is so important because when the time comes to start wading through a lifetime of memories and a household of belongings it can be very stressful for both Seniors and their family or their caregivers

Creating A Safe Home

Learning about our home’s safety as we age is so important. We loved talking to Designer and Author, Mitzi Beach about so many important things when trying to keep our home safe