Common Questions Adult Children Have About Senior Living

You are not alone. When it comes to senior living it is common for adult children to have questions. More importantly it is critical to ask those questions, even the hard ones. When asking these questions remember to have a sensitive approach because these issues can be hard for seniors. Forthcoming life changes can be difficult and exciting at the same time.

1. When is the right time to start thinking about senior living?

When deciding when the right time to begin thinking about senior living for a parent(s) there are a couple factors to consider. Having an open discussion with parents can help clarify what your parent(s) wishes are. When the time comes this can elevate stress and allow you to be a little more prepared. Another factor might be if signs of health issues begin to appear. Being proactive and educating yourself prior will be very helpful incase the situation would arise suddenly. IN short, it is never to soon to begin discussions on the next step.

2. How do I approach my parent(s) with the topic of senior living?

This topic and conversation can be hard for everyone. On the flip side it could also be very easy. Your parent(s) might be ready to have maintenance free living or ready of have some extra care to help out. Educating yourself about the types of places and the needs and wants for your parent(s) can make a world of a difference. There are many options for senior living and finding the correct one can be key to a happy transition. Be sensitive on the approach and a helping hand in finding the right fit.

3. Is it common to feel quilt?

Yes, it can be common to feel quilt. Especially when you feel you can’t give your parent(s) the care they need. You might have promised and agreed to not move them out of their home. It can be common to have quilt when you can no longer take care of them especially due to health issues. Your responsibility is to ensure your parent(s) are being cared for and in the right situation. Sometimes that means making the difficult decision of senior living sooner then they might like.

4. Which option of senior living is right?

Educate, Equip and Empower. These are so important.  The decision about which community is the best fit isn’t always easy to make. With so many to choose from – all of them having different amenities and pricing structures – how does one know which one is right for them? Calling around and asking questions, going on visits and getting references are just a few things that can help make the right decision. Click here for information on senior living options.

How difficult and long is the adjustment time regarding the move?

Everyone is different, therefore there is no magical number of days. Hopefully by researching prior to the move and finding the right fit can help be factors in making the transition and settle time smooth and minimal.

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