Finding meaningful activities is so important. A chance to learn new things while having plenty of stimulation is key. There are many activities to pick and choose from that best fit your needs and engagement level.  Check out these great options broken down into four categories.


Cooking, simple crafts, counting and sorting, taking things apart, nuts and bolts, locks, puzzles, caring for things such as plants or animals, helping with community tasks, creating a picture book.




Puzzles, music, dance, sports, bowling, movies, go for a walk, reminiscing, calling or visiting family or friends, watching home movies, look at photo album.




Activities of daily living (bathing, grooming, picking out clothes), barber shop, beauty salon, painting nails, pedicure, clean up room, making bed, massage, spa.




Listening to stories or radio shows, soothing music, stroking a pet, rocking chair, listening or attending a worship service.

These are all wonderful ways to stay engaged. To feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Remember reach out to friend and family for suggestions as well. You can always contact local charities, hospitals, non-profits, etc. for volunteer opportunities.

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