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What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is so important, yet it is often forgotten. Self-care means you are taking the right steps toward caring for yourself. Allowing yourself to be healthier, help and care for others, live your best life and accomplish what you need and want to.

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Staying Active Indoors

We all know how important it is to stay active and healthy as we age. With Fall here and Winter creeping around the corner, more of us will begin to be inside much more.

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Quality Senior Living

John Dugan’s mission to create quality senior living in Goddard, KS was inspired by his mother. Unexpectedly, he found himself as one of the first residents. John’s rehab therapy influenced the addition of the Lokomat, a state of art robot assisted treadmill, that rebuilds muscles after a stroke.

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Meaningful Activities

Finding meaningful activities is so important. A chance to learn new things while having plenty of stimulation is key. There are many activities to pick and choose from that best fit your needs and engagement level.  Check out these great options broken down into four categories.

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Benefits of Exercising with a community

Rebecca Hegarty, Owner/Trainer of Club Hope Fitness talks with us about why she wanted to open Club Hope and the importance of getting seniors moving and shaking. Club Hope is all about living your best life no matter where you are right now.

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Years aren’t the burden – disease is the burden

Tim Watt, MD, Neurosurgeon joins us as we discuss anti-aging. It’s genetics vs self-sabotage. Everything is the combination between the genes, your environment and lifestyle. Genes aren’t always the culprit or your destiny. A majority of conditions that weigh on people’s minds and bodies is not that straight forward, but you have the ability to make the changes with a healthy lifestyle

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How Nordic Pole Walking Helps Seniors

Strength, stability on our feet and our overall level of fitness directly impacts what choices are available to us for where and how we live. Too many have the fear of being unstable, mistepping, tripping and are unsure when moving around. Recently Parkinson’s Connect joined us at our monthly Empowered Seniors Seminar at Botanica to demonstrate and talk about Nordic Pole Walking. It was such a great reminder on how important fitness and moving around is for EVERYONE.

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