Benefits of Exercising with a community

Rebecca Hegarty, Owner/Trainer of Club Hope Fitness talks with us about why she wanted to open Club Hope and the importance of getting seniors moving and shaking. Club Hope is all about living your best life no matter where you are right now.

Empowering Seniors – Benefits of Exercising with A Community

The idea behind Club Hope is to create a community. Club Hope offers fitness and tips for healthier living, but most importantly a family environment; it feels like a home away from home. Sometimes life gets challenging and Rebecca wanted Club Hope to be a place to provide hope. Exercise classes for seniors can help them continue to live comfortably and safely their homes. Light lifting and balance exercise can help with being more agile which is significant for aging adults. A lot of Club Hope’s participants motivation come from being in a community environment and fitness is secondary. Seniors learn so much from each other.

Exercise classes are a great way to feel connected again with others. No matter where you are in life there are other people who feel the same way. Break that feeling of disconnect and push yourself to try something new. Seeing the changes in our body, our strength and mobility are great but, what exercise and community do for us mentally can be life changing as well.

Club Hope is a great opportunity to help make positive changes in Seniors lives! Be sure to watch the full episode of Empowered Seniors to learn more about how you can ease into fitness, find new friends, and achieve better functional mobility all while having fun.

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