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The Truth about Getting Your Affairs in Order: Bad blood and blended families

Estate planning is no longer as simple as having a last will and testament. Virtually every state has different laws on matters such as probate and inheritance, making who gets what a very complicated issue. This is especially true for blended families and those with otherwise ‘complicated’ relationships.

Even “perfect” families run into big issues and overwhelm when it comes to settling estates. Rifts can last a lifetime.

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Aging In America: Changing the Narrative

The world is changing at a rapid pace and if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. This means flexing the muscles of adaptability, resilience, and curiosity. Gone are the days when elder family members were the only sources of knowledge, history, and wisdom. The internet has taken over. As a result, those currently tasked with writing the narrative about getting older are young, mis-informed, and often simply winging it!

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Downsizing, Storing and Packing Tips

Are you thinking that it is time to “get your house in order” when it comes to preparing for successful aging and a simplified, less overwhelming lifestyle? Are you considering a downsizing move in the future? Or feel that being fully prepared “just in case” is prudent?

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Sunny Days Are Here Again

Broadway veteran, Ray Wills, was our May headliner! Discussing the Art & Aging movement and how to power up your ZEST for life! Learn about the local offerings that will you keep you seeing the BRIGHT side of life from active aging ideas to life giving respite. Celebrate the return of sunny days with us – be enlightened and equipped.

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Luck Favors The Bold

How can you enhance your LUCK when it comes to aging well and staying independent? Nutrition is a great place to start. As well as, thinking big and getting bolder when it comes to physical fitness and self care. You’ve got to feel well and protect your mobility, as much as possible, to truly enjoy living in your physical body.

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Living with Purpose

Inspirational speakers Charlie Moon, Paula Kidd Casey, Kent Rogers and Constance Porazka give us timely tips on being present. And share tips on enjoying life as we head into the holidays.

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Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

Finding the right senior living community is important. Beginning the conversation with children or loved ones should be one of your first steps. The transition into an assisted living community from your current home is a major life event.

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Mild Cognitive Impairment

There are no specific definitive tests for Mild Cognitive Impairment, so why should we worry about it? MCI, or Mild Cognitive Impairment, can be a precursor to one of the many types of dementia. It can also indicate other medical concerns.

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