Are you thinking that it is time to “get your house in order” when it comes to preparing for successful aging and a simplified, less overwhelming lifestyle? Are you considering a downsizing move in the future? Or feel that being fully prepared “just in case” is prudent?

Downsizers Club is a community for mature adults, of any age, committed to making downsizing easy!  Made up of homeowners, senior living residents, and industry professionals representing real estate, senior move management, estate liquidation, and relocation services, our mission is to take the overwhelm out of the downsizing and relocation process.

At the same time, you will be presented with on-going information and resources from medical to legal considerations related to successful aging.

We learned a lot at this month’s Downsizers Club meeting. Members learned information about boxes and packaging when downsizing and moving. Packing up our items properly is so important to help ensure belongings will not move around and break. Downsizing should leave you OVERJOYED, not overwhelmed

Moving Boxes

Small – Typically Used for packing smaller Heavier items and to keep smaller spaces such as contents of Bathroom Drawers) all in one place:

  • Family Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Utility Items

Medium – Typically Used for packing Larger Heavier Items:

  • Family/Bedrooms
  • Kitchen

Large – Typically Used for Lighter weight and/or Larger items:

  • Family/Bedrooms
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

What We Learned

  • Pack Boxes so they are completely full but not bulging.
  • Always plan to put heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter in the top to avoid crushing and or breaking the things on the bottom.
  • Stand Plates on edge, glasses should stand up not be laid on their side. Resist the instinct to use bubble wrap! It takes up too much space and is hard to work with.
  • Resist the instinct to tape everything.

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Downsizers Club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month
at the new PBS Kansas Headquarters!

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