Have you heard the news?

PBS Kansas is moving to a new location

PBS Kansas President Victor Hogstrom outside the station’s new building in East Wichita.

The local PBS station had big dreams of moving into a new building ever since President & CEO Victor Hogstrom arrived in 2016. The once struggling Wichita station began to turn around under Hogstrom’s leadership. Fast forward to 2022… all the hard work those at PBS Kansas have done has paid off.

Just like PBS Kansas our vision at Empowered Senior has expanded in a monumental way. Our community platform provides education, resources and services for mature adults facing challenging life transitions. Our events, speakers and programs inspire reflection, family communication and professional interaction.

Home of local program, Empowering Seniors. PBS Kansas’ new location is a 31,000-square-foot building. The space includes: two studios, a children’s discovery center, a station museum and will now be our new HOMEBASE.

We stand to equip and empower mature individuals, couples and families to:

  • Make timely, informed choices.
  • ALWAYS prepare for a Plan B.
  • Take positive ACTION to improve quality of life.

Thankful for YOU

We are so thankful to every viewer, seminar attendee, workshop & field trip participant, client. In addition, volunteers and donors that have shown up for us and have engaged in our programs. Above all your referrals, encouraging words, thoughtful notes, handholding, smiles and hugs have the greatest impact on our dedication to equip, educate, and empower Seniors.

Our partnership with PBS Kansas is invaluable. With 350,000 households tuning into PBS Kansas each month we are so excited for Season 3 of Empowering Seniors. Season 3 will air throughout 2022 with 22 new episodes.

As a team we are dedicated to our mission of providing educational programs and services designed to ensure mature adults in our shared community are educated, empowered and equipped as they make lifestyle decisions.

To read the full story on PBS Kansas’ big move click here.

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