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Essential Reasons to Downsize Now

On March 16th, Mitzi Beach joined us for this special Empowered Senior Seminar Event. Mitzi discussed her downsizing move experience from Wichita to Ohio and her experiences over the last two years since making this big transitional move.

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The Forever Home Concept

For some, downsizing (or rightsizing) might mean designing and building a customized “forever” home. Learning how and what it means to create a home designed for long term care is important.

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Plan B: Proper Planning Prevents Disaster

You KNOW what your ideal plan is for the future, right? Got a “Plan B mapped out, just in case life throws you a curveball? Have you communicated your back up plans to those that need to know… your loved ones and friends?

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Leaving A Legacy For Future Generations

Dr. Charles Kissling tells his heart touching story about his search to know more about his family’s life. That quest inspired him to write the book “Lessons From A Life Lived” for his family. His hopes are that his grandchildren remember more of him than he remembers of his grandfather.

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Seniors Setting Goals for their Future

We have a challenge for you today. Think about one thing you can do that will make something in your life easier. Then make a promise to yourself, a loved one or your community that will make a difference this year. Setting these goals and working to achieve them will give you a winning mindset.

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