Seniors Setting Goals for their Future

We have a challenge for you today. Think about one thing you can do that will make something in your life easier. Then make a promise to yourself, a loved one or your community that will make a difference this year. Setting these goals and working to achieve them will give you a winning mindset.

Empowering Seniors – Seniors Setting Goals for their Future

Jill D. Miller, Finishing School for Modern Women joins us in a conversation about setting goals. Goals represent what is important in your life and what you want to get out of life. When trying to accomplish those goals it’s pertinent that you don’t get in the way of your own success. To clarify, not that you sabotage yourself but sometimes things can stand in your way from being successful. It is important to learn how to cope with those things so you can work around them to be successful.

Therefore, that is where setting goals can really help with making a change or getting unstuck with something. Talking to people is a great way to talk through hard decisions or if you feel stuck and don’t know what to do so you can process out loud. Take a class to learn new things. Doing research is also a great option. Talking to a professional, life coach, therapist, minister, etc. can also be helpful.

Stacia Foley, MSW, CDP Account Executive at Angmar Medical Holdings, Inc. joins us next as we discuss being present. Being present can sometimes be difficult, personal things in life that can through us for a loop. Staying focus on what is happening now and in this moment is important when trying not to overwhelm yourself with worry. Worry and fear itself can manifest in your body and cause more harm than good. Think to yourself “is what I am worrying about something I really need to worry about?” If not push it aside and enjoy being present. Be vigilant about not overthinking and controlling how we think is essential to our health and staying positive.

The relationships we form in our lives with other people are significant to our mental and emotional health. Suzanna Matthews, The Date Maven, talks with us about some tips for improving and expanding our relationships. Adopting a mindset that allows yourself to be open, warm welcoming are attributes that will set yourself up for success and help facilitate new connections. Thinking about what I can offer someone to make their day better. If you can make someone, feel special and acknowledge their options and listen it can be so rewarding for all involved.

Finding the right tools to help set goals, letting go of worry and building relationships are all things that can make a positive impact on our lives. All of these things can create a positive effect on our health which in the end is what we all strive for; happy and healthy!

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