Plan B: Proper Planning Prevents Disaster

You KNOW what your ideal plan is for the future, right? Got a “Plan B mapped out, just in case life throws you a curveball? Have you communicated your back up plans to those that need to know… your loved ones and friends?

Empowering Senior Seminar

We all know that as we age its important to keep our bodies as healthy as possible, but healthy aging should also include thinking about your financials, home, figuring out what you need as you age and other plans. Then be sure to communicate those plans with loved ones or possible caregivers. Doing that can help ensure what you want is executed correctly. Tackling these topics sooner than later with your family might be difficult but and creating an open conversation ca be very beneficial for the future.

Here are a few tips on topics to help start conversations with your loved ones

  1. What are my assets
  2. Important documents
  3. What I need help with
  4. Family history or things to know about me

Planning and preparing is a process and it is important to take the time and start early on.

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