Three Key Qualities Of Successful Aging

Mitzi Beach joins us again as we discuss three key qualities of successful aging.

Mitzi Beach gives us insight to her book, Design Smarts. The book provides “a vibrant blueprint that encompasses your home life, your mindset, your health, your family and your faith. Mitzi’s acronym SMARTS gives insight to these areas:           ­­

Spaces – how it makes you feel, emotional response

Mindset – our lives follow our minds

Attitudes- directly affects everything we do or become in life

Routines – daily lifestyle and balance

Togetherness – Relationships directly affect the quality of our lives

Spiritual – Everyone believes in something

When a person feels empowered, they begin to have more and more confidence. Therefore gaining knowledge, plugging into resources and positive energy are all factors that contribute to that confidence. As a result it allows decisions to be made with confidence. So how do we maintain the best quality of life? There are three keys to empowered aging:

  1. Resourcefulness –watching programs like Empowering Seniors, attending seminars, reading and doing your own research.
  2. Adaptability – a matter of opting to be content and happy
  3. Positivity – do you have a positive frame of reference or a negative frame of reference

Having the tools to better prepare for the future now is so important. Creating a life with hopeful expectations.  A positive mindset allows for moving forward. In addition these create such an uplifting example to those around us. It’s a life-giving attitude that lifts, empowers and encourages. These personal pep talks are vital to how we feel about our life today and our future. These kinds of action are going to benefit us in the days and years to come.

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