Creating A Safe Home

Learning about our home’s safety as we age is so important. We loved talking to Designer and Author, Mitzi Beach about so many important things when trying to keep our home safe

Empowering Seniors – Creating A Safe Home

There are so many aspects to think about to help us age gracefully and safely. From things in your kitchen like having a wall oven instead of a stand in range so you are not reaching down and accidently burning yourself.  Picking up area rugs. Putting up bars on bathroom walls to avoid falling. Or the clutter that most have in our kitchen on their countertops. Designer and Author Mitzi Beach joins us to give us tips and discuss how we can adapt your house to make it easier and safer to age in. It is so important to organize our space as efficiently as we can.


Lighting is another high priority; we never have enough lighting. At 50 years of age, we need 4 to 5 times the lighting than when in our 20s. Most homes have not upgraded their lighting so that is a serious place to consider upgrading in your home. Bad lighting causes stress and accidents. Improving lighting will put you at a level that is much safer and more pleasant to live in. Visual clutter equals visual stress, and we want to eliminate that.

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