The house is too big. The yard has become unmanageable. Closets are filled to the brim. We haven’t been in the attic for decades. Despite all the signs that it’s time to simplify, many people struggle with letting go. For seniors, downsizing is the process of reducing clutter order to simplify day-to-day living and begin the process of possibly moving to a smaller home.

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Whether it’s saying “goodbye” to a home of many years or parting with the treasure’s insides, certain challenges are commonplace with it comes to downsizing, rightsizing, or relocating.

As we age, most older adults begin to consider the possibility of downsizing or moving into a smaller place. At the very least consider the idea of decluttering. Downsizing and decluttering can make life easier for anyone but especially seniors. It can make life easier and safer, even if you’re not moving. It can be a stressful and emotional, especially if you have created a lifetime of memories in a home. Remember if your overwhelmed with these decisions there are great companies out there that can help with all aspects of the process. When it comes time to make those decisions you want to be informed by getting reliable and good information so that you can feel secure on your choices.

Here are some tips and ideas that you can do to help jumpstart and make the process of decluttering and downsizing a little easier:

  1. Don’t wait till the last minute.
  2. Spend a little time each day.
  3. Don’t allow any more things in your house while you are trying to declutter.
  4. Repurpose items for charity.
  5. Clothing – if you haven’t worn it in the past year get rid of it.
  6. One room at a time.

Decluttering can help make your home easier to manage if you’re trying to stay in it and easier when the time comes that you decided to downsize.

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