At some point the majority of us have said the house is too big; the yard has become unmanageable. The closets are filled to the brim along with many other cabinets. Despite numerous signs that it is time to simplify, many people struggle with letting go.

Empowering Seniors – Estate Sales – Great Option When Downsizing

When the time comes that we need to downsize whether it’s because you are moving into a smaller home or apartment, senior living, moving in with family or loss of a loved one there can be many common challenges. Having a house full of treasures and not knowing what to do with them all can cause unwanted stress during a situation that is possibly already stressful. Garage sales are great to get rid of the things you don’t want, but an estate sale is great option to get rid of the things you love because sometimes it’s just not possible to keep everything.

Christy McClelland, Christy Mae Organizing & Estate Sales, LLC discusses with us the different options of an estate sale. An estate sale is a very important component. If a family is dealing with a loss of a loved one this is a great option because the family doesn’t really have to do anything and they have the peace of mind that the details are being managed. The same goes for a senior downsizing or relocating. Someone downsizing or relocating might think “I don’t have enough stuff for an estate sale” or I live out of town and don’t think I will get enough traffic. The great thing is there are options, you can always do consignment. They can always place your items with a few other family’s items to make a big estate sale.

Remember when going in the route of an estate sale like most things be sure to do your research, talk with friends and family about your options and about different companies out there that you might be options to hire to manage the estate.

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