Foot Care with Dr. Sanchez

Podiatry and professional foot care and proper shoes are essential in mature years. These services can be the easiest, quickest and most transformational medical treatments you can treat yourself to for good health. Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. David A. Sanchez joins us to talk about the importance of foot care. You have to be good on your feet!

Empowering Seniors – Saving Your Feet


We walk everyday or hope to and when we struggle to it affects us in so many ways. The majority of patients that come in can walk around whole lot easier after just one visit. Being educated on the issues in your feet is important. Foot care is key. Therefore, knowing what type of shoes to wear or the type of insert or if you have a high arch or a flat arch can all be contributing factors in saving your feet.




One tip Dr. Sanchez provides us with is finding a shoe with a little more room in the toe box area. Dr Sanchez also says just getting a good examine can give you a better understanding of what type of shoe to wear or steer away from.

Here are a few foot care tips:

1)  Wash feet daily. Warm – NOT HOT water. Don’t soak feet more than 15 minutes.  Recommended soap – DOVE (prefer body wash) Other soaps – Cetaphil, Basic, Shea Butter. Avoid drying soaps such as dial, zest, Irish spring, ivory.

2) Moisturize skin – Do NOT put lotion between toes.  Dry skin can be removed using a pumice stone or nail file after bathing. For extremely dry feet and heels, use Vaseline at night and wear socks to sleep. CeraVe Ointment is great for extremely dry skin. CeraVe lotion or moisturizer is also very good, not as thick as  the ointment.

3) For Corns or callouses – Do not buy medicated corn pads or use liquid corn and callous remover. These can be dangerous and burn your skin.  After bathing gently file with a nail file or pumice stone. Keep callous moist with lotions or oils. Callouses are caused rubbing. Make sure your shoes fit.

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In conclusion, your feet are an intricate part of our body that contain nearly a quarter of all the bones in our body. Good healthy feet are vital to our mobility and overall wellbeing.

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