12 Pandemic Interviews Kick Off Web Series

Suddenly, it is clear that Empowered Seniors benefit with a willingness to connect via online resources. Connecting in person is not always possible. Now you can plug into empowering topics on-demand. Here are the first online interviews for our community. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and join the Empowering Seniors with Katherine Ambrose FaceBook group to make sure you stay informed and connected!

Dr. Tim Watt – The Healthy Neurosurgeon Addresses Covid-19


Correction to Zinc dose in Empowering Seniors interview:

Housecalls Modern Again! Silver Linings: Healthcare at Home & Telehealth Improving Patient Care

Silver Linings during the Pandemic for Senior healthcare at home: “Using technology the way we should have been, maybe for the first time!” Katherine interviews Kara Tipton, Amy Hardin, Angie King, and Emily Van Dever about in home options for care to make healthcare easier.
  • More family interaction with video conferencing technology providing for an increase in communication between patients, families, & all healthcare professionals involved.
  • Creative, collaborative efforts at a heightened level for patient-centered care.
  • Seniors are successfully using technology on their phone, tablet, or computer. Seniors are generally a little nervous at first though find that all of these communication systems are simple to use. Patients end up enjoying these telehealth methods. It becomes natural with a lot of laughter & banter. These sessions help patients at home feel connected, not as isolated, and on track with their therapy & health monitoring. They can even continue being led through exercises via video.
  • Often at home caregivers aid patients with technology, consulting with their physician via video, helping patient report their vitals & concerns.
  • Being able to avoid hospital & medical offices by getting more services, monitoring, & procedures at home keeps Seniors from being exposed to COVID-19 & other dangerous illnesses, plus it is just easier & less time consuming.

Safety procedures discussed from hand washing to how home health visitors work to keep the home environments safe from virus.

Hospice & Respite care is demystified towards the end of conversation. Hospice benefits are not just “end of life” . It’s comfort care. Equipment can be provided. Relief that is tremendously beneficial & often only needed for a time as many patients rally.

Mayor Brandon Whipple addressing Pandemic

Mayor Brandon Whipple & Katherine Ambrose, have a candid conversation on the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Mayor explains and identifies some of the silver linings our community is experiencing and will likely gain from going through this crisis as a community.

How to Design A Life Worth Smiling About even during a Pandemic!

Darryl Davis, Author of How To Design A Life Worth Smiling About…offers encouragement, observations, and tips for all of us living through this crisis from those that are retired, unemployed, indep. workers and entrepreneurs. This is one of Katherine’s FAVORITE books!

Improving Focus to Attract More Joy

Mindfulness, Awareness, Focus, Joy…with Constance “Connie” Porazka. Katherine Ambrose and Connie discuss how to stay in the present moment and experience inner peace vs anxiety during the turbulent, hyper vigilant state of the world.

Recognize what triggers anxiety and unhappiness. And how to close the gap between your expectations and reality.

“Right now it’s like this…” and few cleansing breathes s a great way to anchor…. accept, find your calm, and ride with the waves of life!

Imagine your life right now with more focus, clarity, improved relationships, and more inner peace.

Constance Porazka is Co-founder of Retreat to Joy.  She believes Joy is being in the present moment and that World Peace begins here!

Predicting the Pandemic’s Impact on Senior Housing

Nationally recognized expert & author, Bruce Nemovitz, has spent 30 years pioneering the “how-to” when it comes to late life transitional moves from the family home to senior housing.

He shares his insight and intuition on how today’s Coronavirus crisis will cause Seniors and their families to take action to prevent being vulnerable in the future to further outbreaks and emergency situations.

He has authored best selling books: Moving in the Right Direction (the Senior’s Guide to Moving & Downsizing); and Guiding Our Parents In The Right Direction. He is a Certified Senior Advisor and Senior Real Estate Specialist, gives lectures on housing issues across the country, and contributor to 50Plus Magazine.

Parkinson’s – The Worst Thing You Can Do is Nothing

“One of the worst things you can do is nothing!” says Occupational Therapist & Parkin’s Connect founder, Shana Gatchet, OT. Find out how wellness sessions for Parkinson’s patients are being impacted by the pandemic and what resources and strategies are available to help.

Katherine & Shana also discuss Rock Steady Boxing in this empowering & candid conversation on Parkinson’s. AND…Parkinson Connect has FREE funding available for consultations and wellness sessions. Contact Shana Gatchet, OT for more info on these “scholarships” for patients or those needing a consult. (316)252-0445. [http://parkinsonconnect.org/]

Watch this video to learn about Parkinson’s symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, resources, and cutting edge wellness strategies.

Every year, about 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This does not reflect the thousands of cases that go undetected. Parkinson’s disease is the second most common degenerative neurological disorder after Alzheimer’s disease. The most common age of diagnosis is 65-75 years and about 4% are diagnosed before age 50, terming this as young onset.

Research has shown ways to slow down the progression and fight Parkinson’s, but as with anything, education and persistence are key. Parkinson’s disease is a Movement Disorder and it’s fought through movement and understanding the disease to make necessary changes to improve. Sometimes, even just the smallest suggestions or making someone aware of slowly progressing symptoms can make all the difference.

Cut the Paper Clutter & Paperwork Preparedness

Cut the Paper Clutter & Paperwork Preparedness. Helpful strategies on cutting the clutter & organizing your paperwork as presented by Dee Haskins an expert on this topic. Dee helps Seniors, as BusyDee Bookkeeping, tackle the 42 essential items and alleviate stress + benefit from the opportunities that comes from going through this important process.

Medicare & Pandemic Related Job Changes

MEDICARE: The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting jobs prompting Medicare insurance questions. Katherine Ambrose interviews Empowered Senior expert Mark Landwehr , of LT Care Solutions on what Seniors and their families need to know and how to get FREE help navigating the Medicare maze.

VETERANS:  Uncover VA benefits that you might not know you have. Warning: There is a three year waiting period and it’s essential to get your VA benefits process started BEFORE your need them!

Quick discussion on closing the gap on long term care…family caregivers may qualify for pay.

Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness

Master Social Worker, Stacia Foley, shares a presentation on how to broaden the scope of being prepared to thrive while staying at home during an emergency. Also, learn how to formulate & communicate your plan should you leave your home during a state of emergency or under personal duress. Candid conversation between Stacia & your host, Katherine Ambrose, designed to help you think & take action to care for yourself and loved ones during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

Back to Better

Dr. Mark Kolkman of Naperville, Illinois shares his valuable insight on next steps towards something better than what was just our “normal.”

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