2021 Summer Parade of Patio Homes

Our first fieldtrip for Empowered Seniors was FUN, educational, and impactful! Over 40 seniors joined us! We had a fun filled active day. Getting on and off a luxury bus touring patio homes hosted by Randy & Katherine Ambrose (aka Ambrose Team). 

Everyone was greeted outside the gates at Botanica with Empowered Senior canvas bags, donuts, and lots of smiles! We loaded on the bus at 10am and headed out for an adventurous, fun-filled day.

We toured every Wichita community that had Patio Homes ready to show us. And got updates on every other community throughout the city and beyond.

It was a great day Empowering Seniors. This tour allowed us to educate seniors about buying, renting and Senior Living communities. Click here to read all about our stops and see great photos from this event.

More social activities are on the horizon! And more exploration together of the best places to live as we age. Be sure to keep checking back for more information on our Fall Parade of Patio Homes…coming in mid October 2021.

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