Star Power: Creating Your Authority Brand

We are proud to share Katherine will be a guest speaker at this years National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASSM) Annual conference, October 20-23rd. Katherine’s session will be about how to create a public platform from seminars that attract attention to broadcasting on podcasts, radio and television.

National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers Conference

Are you ready to create your own lane? What if your brand becomes the KNOWN authority x10 when it comes to the solutions you offer? Let’s think bold. Let’s create momentum. Time is of the essence.

Would you enjoy growing your brand in a fun way that helps you, your prospective customers and referral sources learn, connect and grow at the same time?

Do you have a passion stirring inside? Have you considered podcasting, a radio show, being seen and heard on television, writing a book or even just publishing a newsletter or blog? Let’s consider all the options and think bigger – and easier – than ever before.

What if you could accomplish your branding and marketing goals at zero or nominal cost with niche networking, powerful negotiating, heart-centered volunteers and creatively maneuvering media?

What if you confidently knew that media (and your future audience) need YOU far more than you’ve realized?

Imposter-syndrome? Stage fright? What if you had CONFIDENCE that you are the expert called to this moment. How can you provide life-changing information and the connections that your market seeks – with ease and joy?

What you will learn

In this session you will learn the skills that propel brands. The value and simplicity of providing no-strings-attached education to grow your database and your influence….and the “Star Power” through storytelling that makes the phone ring.

Storytelling is the way that brands grown today. People learn and make connections best through stories. Storytelling is the refined art used to both entertain and teach. It’s not your story that makes your brand successful, but how your brand can help others navigate and be the hero in their own story. Good stories create emotion and make a message memorable. Emotions create action. Action creates better outcomes in people’s lives.

Learn how to connect DEEPLY with the professionals that you and your clients need to know. Help them get their stories out. Provide the information that your market craves. And help people in your community make better decisions and take heroic action that ends in success…in some small part, thanks to you!

You’ll understand your power when it comes to broadcasting your message and the myriads of options to create your strategic public platform. You’ll be clear that your business is your database and how to grow and interact with it every day.

When it comes to specialty and senior moves, the best outcomes come from advanced planning and proactive decisions that create action. Our industry takes part in life’s happy new beginnings or cleaning up after something unfortunate has happened.

What if your brand could help people bridge the gap that avoids urgent, crisis mode disasters— and more often creates an opportunity for choosing a better story for their loved ones and future – because you lit the way for them?

Be KNOWN. Be the trusted guide. Know how to attract a growing audience of raving fans sharing YOUR compelling brand that defines the solutions for every family’s hero.

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