Downsizing to the community YOU want to be in

Preparing to downsize can be a difficult and/or stressful process. As we age, we begin to consider the possibility of downsizing. The truth is whether we have family and friends, or a company that specializes in downsizing it is still a chore for seniors both mentally and physically. It’s letting go of things, but giving yourself a fresh start.

Empowering Seniors – Downsizing to the community YOU want to be in

This episode of Empowering Seniors reminds us of how much a task at hand downsizing can be. We visit with Sharon Clark an Oxford Villa resident who has downsized twice and her daughter Deb Shirkey. Both can admit it was quite a chore and adventure, but well worth it all. Deb hoped to find a community that would have different things going on for her mother. Both knew the downsize would be worth it because it was going to be something that made Sharon’s life better. After the experience of helping her mother downsize, Deb and her husband decided to downsize and love that they have less space to take care of and less in general to deal with.

Kelsey Banwart, Oxford Villa, meets with families looking to downsize from a home to independent living communities. This is a big decision for seniors.  Doing research on different places and knowing what fits your needs best in an independent living community is key. There are many options in and around Wichita so tour them or ask for a video.

In conclusion, we have said it before start early so you can take your time and be able to choose the community you want to be in.

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