Deciding to Downsize

Are you thinking that it is time to “get your house in order” when it comes to preparing for successful aging and a simplified, less overwhelming lifestyle? Have you been considering a downsizing move in the future? Or feel that being fully prepared “just in case” is prudent?

Stages of Readiness

It is important to know why you are deciding to downsize. What are your downsizing intentions? Why do this? What’s the point? Ultimately, what is my goal? Once you figure that out you are on your way.

Action Plan

By creating an action plan, this allow you to lay out easier ways to manage your home or to transition into your next move.

• Identify which area to address and deadline for completion (30 days or less).
• Create one or two staging areas to place items designated for dispersal.
• Evaluating each item, select those no longer needed, necessary, or wanted.
• Move selected items to the appropriate staging area (label if necessary).
• Let go of any guilt, obligation, or shame associated with letting item(s) go.
• Determine the best method for YOU for letting go (donate, sell, trash).
• Arrange a time and date (set a deadline) for items to be removed from your home.
• Follow through with letting go by holding people accountable (including yourself).
• Repeat process with next area.

Remember, your decisions don’t have to be made overnight. Take time to think about what you really want. Put forth the effort to ensure your downsizing is something you want and how you want it to look. By doing this it allows you to take charge of what you want instead of a forced situation.


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