Daily Dose: Estate Sales

Have you been re-evaluating your current living situation ? Have you spent the shut-down on home improvement projects?

What to do with all the extra STUFF you’ve accumulated?? Professional Organizer & “Queen Bee” of Christy Mac Estate Sales will walk us through the process.

Garage Sales Devalue Your Stuff. Think Estate Sales, & Consignment Instead!

In normal times, Garage Sales bring mediocre results and physical risk.

Garage sales are a tremendous amount of work with too little results.

Today with a deadly virus spreading and civil unrest…how do you get rid of the extra stuff in house safely and for more money?

Whether you want to declutter and stay put; or prepare for a move to a better lifestyle…Realtor & Host, Katherine Ambrose has some refreshing revelations for YOU in this interview with Christy McClelland of Mac Estate Sales.


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