Pet Companions For Seniors

Bringing a pet into your home and heart provide many physical and emotional perks. Michelle Townsley, DVM Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita shares how pet companions can enhance senior’s daily lives.

Aging in place and types of services that make that possible

Susan Kiefer, CEO Kiefer Senior Care is a registered nurse and has been doing in home care for about eight years.  Susan joins us in discussing in home care options for you or your loved one. If you’re a family caregiver providing care for a senior you know how important it is to keep them safe in their home so they can stay as long as possible. The benefits of in-home care are phenomenal. Like many of the in-home care companies Kiefer Senior Care provide non-medical care services including: caregiving, companionship, food preparation, light cleaning, laundry and similar daily living activities.  The biggest thing is companion care and supporting them in in their home. Kiefer Senior Care has the qualified and dedicated team members to help keep you safe and comfortable in your own home.

Bringing House Calls Back to You

Ever feel rushed at the doctors or feel like you have to wait awhile to see your doctor? Have you thought about having your doctor come to you? Emily Van Dever, Business Development, Mobile Medical shares with us how Mobile Medical is bringing the concept of house calls back to Wichita and surrounding areas.

Mental Health During COVID

Eric Litwiller, Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas, Director of Development and Communications discusses with us mental health and the significant effect it has had on seniors during the pandemic. During this time it has been critical to reduce the stigma around mental health so that it doesn’t prevent individuals from getting help.

6 Simple Things To Make Your Home Safer

The purpose of Empowering Seniors is to educate, equip and empower seniors. Det. Joseph Schillaci, Personal Safety Expert joins us in discussing simple ways to keep yourself and home safe. Unfortunately, people prey on vulnerable people so it is important to educate yourself and be aware.

Estate Sales – Great Option When Downsizing

At some point the majority of us have said the house is too big; the yard has become unmanageable. The closets are filled to the brim along with many other cabinets. Despite numerous signs that it is time to simplify, many people struggle with letting go.

Benefits of Exercising with a community

Rebecca Hegarty, Owner/Trainer of Club Hope Fitness talks with us about why she wanted to open Club Hope and the importance of getting seniors moving and shaking. Club Hope is all about living your best life no matter where you are right now.

Improving Your Quality of Life

Being healthy and having a strong immune system is so important in our lives. Getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and nutritional supplements are just some of the key factors for keeping our immune system strong. Dr. P. James Seberger, MD, PHD, Cognitive Performance & Health discusses how optimum levels of vitamins and minerals can help improve immune functions.

Planning Your Retirement

Is it true that you need $1 million dollars to retire? Nationally renowned financial gerontologist, Dr. John N. Migliaccio, PhD shares fascinating facts about how far your retirement dollars can go in Wichita and the surrounding areas.