Spectrum of Senior Living Options

Katherine takes you on a diverse tour of living options from apartments at Parklane Towers to Assisted Living and Memory Care at Rosewood Cottage. In addition, we’ll meet Rana Zayed who introduces the Home Plus.

Empowering Seniors – Spectrum of Senior Living Options

Most seniors know there will come a time when they will need to downsize.  There are many reasons to downsize. For instance, being closer to family, change in lifestyle, tired of the unexpected maintenance, cut costs, or to address medical needs. We have said it before starting early thinking about these decisions is so important. It gives you the time to educate yourself and process the changes to come.

Parklane Towers, May 3, 2020. Parklane Towers Facebook

When the time come and you are ready to move there are a lot of great options. Smaller homes, patio homes, apartments, assisted living.  Jack Silvers resident at Parklane Towers discusses with us living options from apartments. Parklane Towers is apartment homes for anyone of any age. Most importantly, many seniors have found it a great living option. Parklane has an on-site manager, 24/7 door attendants, and inside package delivery.

In addition, it is important key is to do your research on any place you are considering moving into. If you’re moving into an apartment; think about your needs. Are there stairs, elevators, how about valet service? What can you do with the space? For example can you take the balcony and convert it into additional living space like a sun room? Think about the factors that will make it easy living for you so you can age in place

Next up we visit with Rana Zayed, Owner of Rosewood Cottage an assisted living & memory care community. Rana speaks to us about what to look for to make sure your loved one is in the best place they need to be. Recognizing if something is going on with your family members. Being confused is not part of the aging process. Therefore, keeping an eye out for confusion is key because that can be a red flag.

If memory case is an issue, the Home Plus concept is something to think about. The Home Plus concept unique to Kansas, a residence/facility caring for not more than 12 people who need care to help with limitation in activities of daily living.

It is important for a senior with memory care issues to be in more of a one-on-one environment. The Home Plus concept allows for that flexibility.  In addition, this option allows the Senior to be in a home setting with more staff to resident ratio and more of a comforting environment. You see more activities that are individualized. Which is great for a resident with memory care issues. More staff in the Home Plus allows the Senior to continue with the same people everyday and having that continuity of care becomes much simpler.

In short, your loved one needs to be in the best place for them. Finding the community that best fits is the key.

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