Ever feel rushed at the doctors or feel like you have to wait awhile to see your doctor? Have you thought about having your doctor come to you? Emily Van Dever, Business Development, Mobile Medical shares with us how Mobile Medical is bringing the concept of house calls back to Wichita and surrounding areas.

Empowering Seniors – Bringing House Calls Back to You

Mobile Medical is geared to seniors and gives seniors the convenience of full primary care services in their own home or in their retirement community. They can bring labs, radiology along with other services into their home. This service allows seniors who don’t like to drive, or like to be in their homes to continue to do so. It frees up family members who might be taking their loved ones to their appointment. As a result, this is a great service for seniors that are both healthy and active and that might be in a long-term care setting.

Success stories of Mobile Medical

  • 24-hour nursing line.
  • Offering tele-health (Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies).
  • Cost wise it is comparable to your traditional doctor’s office (no transportation fees).
  • Remote patient monitoring.
  • Families love the service.

With enhancements of modern technology radiology service house calls are another convenient option for seniors. Mindy Clement, Technical Manager, Kansas mobile solutions shares with us how technicians can come straight into the room and plug their machine in. Take the x-ray. Then send the image straight to the radiologist. The turnaround time is only about an hour. Digital technology has made machines much more compact. In return this allows technicians to load their equipment right into their vehicles.  House call generally takes about 10-15 minutes.

These services are great options for seniors. The appreciation seniors and other patients have for these services is invaluable.

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