Solo Aging: How to Cope & Help Others

Are you alone? Anticipate aging alone at some point? Or just feel “alone” sometimes? Are you wondering how to support a friend or loved one? In September’s Empowered Senior Series we hear from experts on how to navigate successfully through a myriad of complex issues.

September Empowered Senior Seminar – Part 1

September Empowered Senior Seminar – Part 2


Fiona Harper, Changing Minds LLC

Rebecca Hegarty, Club Hope Fitness

Brian Speer, Home Health & Hospice of Kansas

Aimee Poore, Mobile Medical

Tips to age successfully alone:

  • Be Resourceful
  • Positivity
  • Adaptability
  • Stay connected – know your media outlets and agendas

In this seminar, Fiona Harper discusses the 3-breath technique to reduce stress and anxiety and relax the amygdala. The coordination of anxiety, depression and stress. Anxiety leads to depression. Further more, depression can present itself as dementia or even lead to dementia.  Remember DESSS, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress and Social Support. In addition, get out of the house for awhile. Especially if you are feeling cooped up.  As a result, this will help you to combat your stress levels and fight boredom. In short, your brain loses function if it is not put to good use.

Rebecca Hegarty, Club Hope Fitness stressed the importance of support groups in your community. In addition, be brave and stay positive, make connections.

Next up, Brian Speer of Home Health & Hospice of Kansas spoke about Home Health & Hospice of Kansas preferred network access. This gives clients information on:

  • insurance
  • advance directives (living will & DPOA information)
  • primary care options
  • realtors available to assist with home walkthroughs and selling your homes

To sum it up, make sure to build your team of resources, community and contacts.

Aimee Poore of Mobile Medical joined us. Aimee spoke about the following:

  • Build your team and learn about your home based services available for the aging population.
  • Covid changes, no longer need qualified status from physicians to qualify for a home based service such as Mobile Medical.
  • Research your physicians before deciding on one. Many are led by insurance, advantage plans vs HMO/PPO plans, and the risk reduction protocols.
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