Avoiding Scams & Other Devious Plots

With all the mail, email, and unsolicited phone calls, it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what is legitimate and what might be a scam! Scammers often utilize public information as well as our online internet activities to take advantage of us.

October Empowered Senior Seminar

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Meet the Panelists

Wayne Cash

Wayne is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Fellowship in Wichita. Prior to accepting the full-time call to ministry at CCF, Wayne had spent over 20 years bivocationally. A large part of the time was spent in the serving in Senior Living world. During his service there, Wayne had the opportunity to teach and train many Seniors on several areas of right sizing their lives based on his varied background experiences. Part of those experiences is his time spent in the US Air Force, with the Kansas Highway Patrol as well as being a Headmaster of two Christian schools. Wayne is graduate of Friends University with a bachelor’s in Religion and Philosophy and a Masters in Christian Ministries.

Jim Price

Renowned local radio/podcast broadcaster, Jim is an expert in local, national and global news impacting the decisions, health, and livelihoods of Seniors and their families. He knows local and state politics and how they impact citizens on a personal level. Jim is an expert on how to research topics, verify information, communicate effectively and stay connected in our techy world.

Robert R. Short II

Robert R. Short II, Chief Assistant District Attorney, Office of the District Attorney. Robert has his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University. He graduated from Washburn University School of Law in 2002. After two years in private practice, he joined the office in 2004.His previous assignments in the office have included felony DUI, sex crimes, gang crimes and financial crimes. During his time in the office, he has undergone additional training in the areas of homicide litigation, arson investigation, accident reconstruction, cross examination, advanced trial techniques and interviewing children. His current areas of specialty are homicide, embezzlement, elder abuse and contractor fraud. Mr. Short is a frequent presenter to law enforcement, community organizations and schools.

Kathleen Garrison

Mother of 8 and grandmother of 5, running for school board in Clearwater USD. Last year, she ran for Sedgwick County Commissioner in 2020 against Michael O’Donnell. Kathleen has a BS in Political Science from Newman University; and a MS in Diplomacy and International Affairs from Seton Hall. She has worked as a contractor for the US Attorney’s office as a data analyst, was a court reporter for the Dist. Court in Sedgwick County for 10 years; and owns The Cottage wedding venue in Haysville. With a diverse background she brings an interesting understanding of crime, current events and familial relationships. She feels strongly about protecting personal rights, freedoms, and liberties and a deep love for our beautiful country.

Charee Fleetwood

American Senior Benefits. Medicare expert.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for October’s Empowered Senior Seminar! So much valuable information was shared today. The weather was perfect for our Fall Fest Party, the music was amazing and the treats were oh so YUMMY! Click here to see pictures from today’s seminar and Fall Fest. We hope to see you all, November 11th for Untapped Resources & Your Nest Egg.

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