The Truth About Preparing to Downsize

Mar 14
10:00 am

The most commonly used word to describe the downsizing process is “overwhelm.” In fact, many people find themselves paralyzed by even the idea of moving to a smaller or more manageable space.

The good news is that there are people, strategies, and services that can make the downsizing process much simpler and far more manageable!

Here are just a few of the questions we will answer at this month’s seminar:

  • Where do I begin?
  • Should I sell my house or move first?
  • What do I do with all the extra “stuff?”
  • Who is available to help and how much will it cost?
  • How long should it take to go through my things before moving?
  • What is the value of household items?
  • What will my home sell for and how long will it take?
  • What are the costs associated with moving?

If you are considering a move today, a year from now, or anytime in your future, this seminar is designed to help remove the overwhelm and inspire you to take action — even if it’s just a small action!

Join us and we will share with you the secret to ‘eating the elephant’ one bite at a time!

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