The Truth About Home Health and In-home Care

Jul 11
10:00 am

Everyone knows what services home health agencies provide, right?

Well, as it turns out, most people think they might know.  Though often what they think they know is wrong.

Just like many healthcare services, home health has changed significantly over the years. In fact, some agencies that are perceived as home health are not healthcare organizations at all — they simply provide private-duty in-home personal care. And this is a great service too, right?

So, what’s the difference? How do you know who to call and for what?

Learn the TRUTH about what services home health and private duty in-home care agencies and organizations provide. Get the scoop on costs associated with the various types of in-home support available, as well as what services insurance and veterans benefits will cover.

We will also we’ll touch on on introduction to hospice & palliative care as we often hear people say things like, “I plan to be carried outta here in a pine box.” While this may sound good in theory, the reality is that few plan accordingly or prepare for such an exit strategy. Due to this lack of planning, family members are often caught in a difficult position concerning where the last goodbyes will be said.

If you have ever contemplated what happens in current-day America when a person dies at home, this seminar is sure to inform your thinking. Join us for a heartfelt and candid conversation about:

  • How to maximize your quality of life through the final moments, and
  • What to expect when a loved one chooses to die at home.

Expert panelists will help us understand all of the different options and avoid costly mistakes.

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