Regrouping After Outbreak: Seniors Speak!

Sep 10
10:00 am - 11:30 am

After an outbreak of virus… followed by an outbreak of chaos, violence and upheaval….it’s about time for an outbreak of EMPOWERED candid conversation!!

Don’t you think?!

Participants are encouraged to bring their thoughts and questions to this meeting to share with

Empowering Senior’ experts and fellow attendees.

We will hear from local experts that will be on hand for a candid discussion, plus a Q & A session.

We will discuss a broad spectrum of issues for the mature homeowner planning for aging successfully:

  • Housing – Senior Living Options + Aging In-Place
  • Downsizing, Decluttering, Liquidating the Extra “Stuff”
  • Personal & Home Defense in these uncertain times
  • Health & Wellness (Fitness, Nutrition, Mobility, Brain Health)
  • Insurance, Medicare, and VA
  • Legal & Financial Planning

We will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance honoring Veterans, Law Enforcement, front line workers, and first responders.

Each expert on the panel will be introduced before we begin hearing from each Senior attendee that would like 3 min to share prepared thoughts, and/or ask a question. If you choose not to speak, but would like to share a comment or question, please write it down for Host, Katherine Ambrose, to share on your behalf.

Then we will have open Q & A for the remaining time for follow up questions and comments.

We will discuss topics for upcoming Fall seminars and workshops to prepare ourselves mightily for the new future we face.

After the seminar, attendees can attend a 15 min. break-out session. Each expert will be assigned a spot in the room and attendees can gather for follow-up Q & A.

~ Disclosures ~

This seminar is FREE. Donations will happily be accepted. Host will not responsible for health or safety of attendees or guests. Each guest attends as a mature adult responsible for their own health and well being.

*Masks encouraged though may not be required. Guests are welcome to socially distance their chairs as desired. Everyone bring your OWN PEN!! And bring your own PAPER for note-taking.

Petitions on certain topics will be available to sign if desired. If you have a suggestion for a petition contact the host in advance. (Remember-bring your own pen!)

Remember, our gift to you is free admission to Botanica after the seminar…so please stay and enjoy a visit in the beautiful gardens. Bring a lunch if you wish and enjoy the afternoon.

*** What if, city or state mandates change and events are prohibited??
Then the brave & bold will meet outdoors in the grass. Rain or shine. Bring your own lawn chairs.

We’ll call it the first Empowered Senior “protest.” We all lived through the Cold War and it’s time we allow Seniors a platform to Speak up on the unprecedented events of 2020.

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