Home Sweet Home: 2020 Impact

Oct 08
10:00 am - 11:30 am

2020 has packed a punch! What do we do now?

Shelter is on top of the list for basic human survival.

How have your goals about where and how to live changed?

Knowing what you know now… are you more determined than ever to live in your family home?
How do you prepare for emergencies? Stay safe? Care for yourself and your property as time goes on?
Learn valuable strategies for successfully aging-in place and weathering times of unrest in your own home!

Or… are you more determined than ever to make a move that feels safer? What does that look like and how can it be accomplished?

Sometimes aging-in-place means a different home of your own that suits your needs better.

For many, moving to a rental is desirable to get out of the stress of home maintenance.

Some Seniors make a long distance move to be closer to family, friends, or climates & amenities that they would prefer.

Finally there are many Senior Living options to explore and consider. So many factors come into play!

Everything about what you call HOME today, and may call home tomorrow, will be discussed.

And what to do about all of your stuff!?! Decluttering, Downsizing, and Liquidation strategies will be covered.

Securing the ideal shelter, and making it a place of peaceful refuge, has never been more important than in the days we are living in right now!

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