Living in the 2020’s

Jan 09
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!  Welcome to life in the 2020’s!!  

Do you have 2020 vision for your future? 

Do you ever feel stuck?

In this session, we will introduce our 2020 theme, “Best Possible Self, Best Possible Future” and our upcoming topics for the second year of this FREE community enrichment program. We’ll discuss the power of Future Self envisioning…what that means & how to do it.  We’ll touch on empowering truths related to social connections, goal setting and lifelong learning.

You’ll receive a simple focus tool to make & keep a special promise to yourself, your community, or your loved ones. So…think about ONE THING… one clear goal you might have for your 2020. Learn about the uplifting movement behind the mantra of  “because I said I would” and how we will use it to equip and empower each other this year.

We’ll share laughs on the subject of fun & the importance of booking it into your calendar as priority. Travel ideas, local things to do, and six personal perspectives to launch your own distinctive version of the new Roaring Twenties!

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