Are you searching for your next home? Does maintenance free intrigue you? Village Cooperative of Wichita is a maintenance free living option that is unique to age 62+. If you are wanting all the benefits of home ownership without the concern and worry of home maintenance look no further. This living options offers opportunities to purse individual interests.

What is Cooperative living?

Cooperative living/housing means joint ownership and operation of a housing development by those who live in it. Cooperative housing combines the financial advantages of home ownership with the conveniences of community living. Each member purchases a share. The share value is based on factors of the home. In addition, each member/membership has an equal voting status in electing the Board of Directors. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors monitor operations to allow the community to be functioned at an efficient cost.

Living with Ease

Being a part of Village Cooperative allows you to live with ease. Further, improving the quality of life and reducing the worry and stress. Village Cooperative has numerous amenities and different floor plans to choose from. In addition floor plans range from 900 square feet to over 1,500 square feet. As a bonus they are all one-level living.

Floor Plans

Danford – Rev 1,314 square feet
2 bedroom, 2 bath
Kingston 1,486 square feet
2 bedroom, 2 bath


Jasmine – 1,214 square feet
1 bedroom, 1 bath
Easton – 1,095 square feet
2 bedroom, 1 bath

Amenities and Activities

Here are some amenities and activities that are included but not limited to in cooperative living at Village Cooperative. Further, all of which allow you to be involved as much as you want.

  • Underground parking
  • Utility bay/vacuum station
  • Central elevator
  • Community and club areas
  • Guest suites
  • Fitness room and classes
  • Reading areas
  • Games nights
  • Themed parties
  • Education seminars
  • Potlucks

In addition, here are some of the expenses that are included in cooperative living at Village Cooperative.

  • Real estate taxes
  • Property insurance
  • Sewer and water
  • Trash/garbage
  • Garage
  • Property maintenance
  • Home repairs
  • lawn care
  • snow removal
  • building security system
  • Monitored smoke alarm system


Having the peace of mind in not worrying about the maintenance of your home is key. Secondly, being in a secure environment can be priceless for someone looking to make a change. In addition, this type of living allows its residents to actively participate in varied activities of their choice.

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