Voices For Seniors: Movement to Stand Out for Senior & Family Rights in Care Settings

Are you upset that loved ones can’t be with family members in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities?

Families have been separated from hospitalized loved ones due to Covid-19 causing devastating consequences. We will discuss a movement that is helping families cope and demanding change.

Advocating for a family member in a care setting is one of life’s most caring acts of love.

Meet three women on a mission working to advocate for Seniors, and their families.

P O W E R F U L !!

Daily Dose: Pandemic PTSD

Realtor & Host, Katherine Ambrose discusses Mental Health issues including PTSD brought on by the Pandemic and related issues with featured expert, Eric Litwiller. Eric is Director Communications for the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas.

Daily Dose: Estate Sales

Have you been re-evaluating your current living situation ? Have you spent the shut-down on home improvement projects?

What to do with all the extra STUFF you’ve accumulated?? Professional Organizer & “Queen Bee” of Christy Mac Estate Sales will walk us through the process.

Daily Dose: Hospice Basics & 40+ Questions before Choosing Hospice

Most people have a “Myth Understanding” of what hospice is and how it could make such a huge difference for the patient and for the patient’s family caregiver.
Colette Osio, retired social worker, worked in the hospice world for many years and is shedding some light on the basics of hospice, palliative, support care, comfort care and respite care.
See below for over 40 BONUS Questions to ask before agreeing to hospice.

12 Pandemic Interviews Kick Off Web Series

Suddenly, it is clear that Empowered Seniors benefit with a willingness to connect via online resources. Connecting in person is not always possible. Now you can plug into empowering topics on-demand. Here are the first online interviews for our community. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and join the Empowering Seniors with Katherine Ambrose FaceBook group to make sure you stay informed and connected!

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